Fajita Corral Committee History


Fajita Corral History

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The Fajita Corral began in 1986 with an invitation to Van De Walle Farms by then Executive Chairwoman Mary Nan West for the company to open a Fajita Corral.  Elaine Van De Walle Thompson opened the Corral in 1986 in a 12' by 12' tent and, unlike any other food venue on the grounds, donated all the proceeds to the Scholarship Fund from the start. 

The Corral operated as the only private contributor to the scholarship fund until 2004 when a formal invitation was extended by the S.A.L.E. Executive Committee to join the S.A.L.E. Family. The Fajita Corral Committee was soon challenged to add another venue to the show. The Rib Corral had a successful debut in 2006.  With the creation of the Food Court in 2012, the Fajita Corral and Rib Corral combined locations under one 60' by 120' tent, "The Van De Walle Fajita Corral", to become the anchor attraction.  In 2015, the Corral moved to the heart of the Food Court. As of 2019, the Corral has returned home to the side of the coliseum in the center of Family Fair.

The Fajita Corral is operated by 110+ Committee members and over 700 Corporate and Public volunteers each year but we are always looking for more help. Visit the Committee page or the Corporate page to see how to join!